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True Beauty is Discovered...when memories are created. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Where I'm going tonight... [8.5.06 - 12.40pm]
[ mood | content ]


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Another day.... [8.5.06 - 12.24pm]
Well, this day is starting off stressful...my boyfriend woke up complianing that they is no food in the house, what nerve. I am sorry but this is not 1977 I don't just live to grocery shop and cook breakfast lunch and dinner everyday. Why can't things be 50/50?
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Today...an update on my life [8.5.06 - 12.20am]
[ mood | bored ]

Well...here I am on Livejournal again. This is the journal of urbanjewels, formally known as msfunky_diva. Unfortunately, for varies reasons I can no longer access my old account msfunky_diva, so after two years I have decided to open a new lj under the alias unbanjewels...urbanjewel my original name has been taken by someone now. Anyhow...I guess I should update all if any of my old friends as to what has been going on in life up to this point. I last left off in my old journal that I had moved to Atlanta by way of Minneapolis to pursue a degree in photography at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Well, I recently finished my degree in March of this year, and now I am finally a struggling photographer, lol. You can check out my website at www.leslieandrewsphotography.com if you care to view my work. Times have been tough out here in Atlanta due to the city being over-saturated with wanna be photographers...so hopefully soon I will be moving to CA. My sister and my mom are both residing in Sacramento now and I hope to move out there before the end of the year. I have stayed in this city far to too long as it is. My plan is to move there and do shoots on the weekends in LA. I have already made a few contacts with some photographers out there that are pretty successful at this point this can only go up from here. Today was a blah day, I went to work and got off and came straight home and ate and laid down on the couch. I had planned on going to an event at the W Hotel a grand opening party for the magazine Krave which my friend Jerris Madison is the co-publisher but I simply could not get up the strength to move much less get dressed and go mingle. You would think that since my daughter is gone for the summer I'd be more enthusiastic about getting out and networking. But, after working 8 eight hours and spending in hour in traffic in my hot car with no a/c I am simply drained by the time I get home. So, here I sit on a friday evening at home on my pc typing away.

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